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Last Updated: September 27, 2017

Hello! I'm not a lawyer or anything but this is some information that I would like to know if I were just browsing this website. I will cover topics such as how I use your cookies, CPU, and how information you send to me is handled. If you think anything else should be covered here, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!


Cookies are small text files held on your computer. Some cookies are required to ensure that the site functions correctly, for this reason I may have already set some cookies. They also allow me to give you the best browsing experience possible and help me understand how you use my site. I don't currently handle the cookies myself, and they are generally just for faster web page loading (via caching) and some stuff wordpress might already have in place. Not much to say about cookies yet, but I think it's a law to let site visitors know when/if you're using their cookies.

CPU Usage

So you may have noticed that your CPU usage jumps way up when you're browsing my site or blog. This is because I don't put up ads, but instead, I use some of your CPU (throttle is idle 50% of the time) to mine cryptocurrency. I also have a captcha set up on my commissions page before you submit your form, and this is a way to protect from spam. These implementations are just ways to generate a small source of income for myself. I'm currently working on a function for browsers to turn this off if it becomes too much of an issue (will be done in about a month). I use Coin Hive for this. I am also working on a way to enable the same captcha for blog post comments, since I've been getting a lot of robot spam lately. There are some cases where I use advertisements, and that's just generally on my youtube channels. I've been tossing around the idea of using monetized shortlinks to redirect to extra links in song descriptions, but I ultimately decided against it because it's time consuming and inconvenient.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use & Refunds

I'm not going to sell your emails or anything if you sign up for my newsletter or inquire about a commission or just say hi to me. That's pretty scummy. Generally, the information shared between you and me stay between you and me. This website is just to serve as a hub of my online stuff. My site is like a resume or small portfolio or something. I don't really know, but they're just personal sites, really. If you want to work with me (commissions, etc), it's under some sort of non-exclusive agreement, because I don't really mind if you add another vocalist to your song or if you go to someone else for more add-ons to your websites. I do hope, however, that you keep me in the loop of how my work is monetized after we've finished working together. And make sure you follow my branding guidelines, but that's pretty flexible. I also don't do refunds, because I'm a poor college kid and if I've spent time working on something for you, that's time I definitely should have been spending on studying. Hopefully no one takes that as pretentious or whatever, I'm just trying my best and I'm grateful for any and all work offered to me.

♥ thanks so much! ♥