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multi-media project, cit-web/cs student, caffeine addict

I'm 20 years old, presently based in southern Utah. I looked up "how to write an 'about me' page" because I have no idea what else to say. I'm currently working toward my Bachelor's degree, heading into my third year of university. Other interests include programming, information security, my boyfriend, music, art, reading, writing, video games, and browsing the internet. In my free time, I sleep.

Because my interests are so varied, it took some time to be able to decide on what I want to specialize in, if anything. Each page on this site will go into a little more detail about what I like to do, and how it all started. This page in particular will just talk about me as a human. I also have a small personal website, which doubles as a resume. You can contact me via any of the links on this site, or via email. Don't be shy! I love making new friends.

business   //   [email protected]
personal   //   [email protected]

I was born and raised in northern Utah until 5th grade, when my family moved cross-country to live in the suburbs right outside of Chicago, Illinois. I lived there until halfway through 8th grade, when we moved back to northern Utah. It was about this time when I started to develop an interest in video editing. I got my first job at the age of 15 as a video host and editor for a large video-streaming company. I haven't lost interest in video editing, but rather have branched off into other forms of editing and development. I started making music, getting into art, and working on more ambitious programming projects.

When it came time to choose a university, I decided to move down to southern Utah and engage in the Computer Information Technology department, emphasizing in Web Design & Development, and minoring in Computer Science. I participated in a programming competition held at my university, and met my boyfriend. We work on projects together and I spend pretty much all my time with him. Our plans for the future include going out of state for our Masters degrees. He's pretty neat, you should also check him out.


web developer, amature programmer, infosec enthusiast

I remember when I got my first dinosaur of a computer in 2005. Well, it was actually for my entire family, but I convinced them to keep it in my bedroom. I got my first personal laptop for my 10th birthday, and I was probably too young for it. I used it to design my first website in MS Paint, because I had no idea of how websites were actually made. Of course, those ideas were just static, poorly mouse-drawn images, nothing I ever even believed I could implement myself.

When I was 14, I set up my first personal website, using iWeb and some other free resources. I pumped out a bunch of different layouts over the next couple of years, and eventually switched over to use Tumblr as a host. From there, I just started poking around at different themes, and I taught myself HTML, CSS, and image-mapping. I started making small websites for friends and family using what I learned, just for practice. Those sites (thankfully) no longer exist.

Self-teaching was a very slow, unorganized process.
University improved my development skills thousandfold.

So far, I absolutely love every aspect of my major, emphasis, and minor. I've learned a lot about web development, programming, and computers in general. I didn't even consider Information Security as an interest until I signed up for my 'Intro to Networking' class and did some research to prepare myself for the class. I don't exactly do anything with infosec currently, aside from applying some of the principles to my work (personal and corporate). However, I hope to be able to delve more into it as time goes on.

I currently intern at my university on the Web Services team, work part-time as web presence/IT at a local art gallery, go to university full-time, freelance various services, and produce a bunch of personal projects. As far as web development freelance stuff is concerned, I'm currently taking some work! Check out my commission page for more information.

Email me for inquiries and estimates at [email protected] and I will get back to you within 24 hours. This website was made with vanilla HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My personal site and resume give a little more information about my qualifications, if you're more interested in that. Thanks for reading! Check out my dev-oriented links and stuff below.

composer, singer/songwriter, spoken word performer

Most of you may actually know me from my involvement in the music community. Here's a fun fact: I actually never really liked singing. When my friend LoneMoon asked me to sing on Answer Me in the summer of 2014, I agreed to help out. Since then, I've gotten a steady amount of collab inquiries and commissions, so I decided to go for it. It's a fun hobby now, for sure, but I don't see myself following through with music in the next 10 or so years.

Even though I have been playing piano since I was around 6 years old (I stopped lessons as I went into university, so I'm really out of practice now), I only wrote my first composition in February 2015, as a WWW Collective release. It got some good feedback, so I decided to make a goal for myself to write out a couple more compositions and release them as an EP. I posted Paper Lungs EP on my 18th birthday.

My songs are never finished, just abandoned.
But pay attention to the details, I'm telling a story.

For my piano compositions, I record the notes using a midi keyboard into FL Studio, then I quantize the heck out of them and play around with more notes and velocities until I get the sound I want. I generally use Piano One as my go-to VST, and then I just mess with the EQ, reverb, and other effects. Not too professional, honestly, but it's fun.

As for singing, I record using a Blue Yeti Pro microphone with this stupid pop filter that always falls off. I don't really edit my vocals because I don't know how. Also, I don't have fancy headphones (I sold them for college money), I just use the first pair of bluetooth headphones I saw for sale on Prime Day.

Email me for music-related inquiries at [email protected] and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Pricing obviously depends on the project and your audience, but you can generally expect $35-60 for singing, or $20-45 for spoken word. Check out my commission page for more information. However, I am only accepting projects I feel comfortable working with, so I must also say here that I reserve the right to decline collaborations.

digital doodler, designer, content creator and hobbyist

When I was younger, I really wanted to be a movie editor, but I wandered away from it when I started learning how to program. However, my creative passion revisted when I found that my major's emphasis (web design and development) required that I take a lot of design-oriented classes, such as typography, elements of design, creative imaging, and how to use Photoshop and Illustrator.

Honestly, I don't consider myself to be an inherently creative person; I really have to work at it. I attempt to generate creativity by spending my free time writing, drawing/doodling, editing videos, or making music. Balance is very important to me, so I try my best to be both logical and creative. My writing is personal, just short stories I hoard in my journal. Videos are posted to YouTube, though I'm generally too busy to work much on those lately.

I do not currently post my artwork publicly.
All of my work is posted to Patreon until I feel more comfortable.

For digital art and project designs, I use a Wacom tablet with Photoshop and Illustrator. For film and photography, I use a Canon EOS 60D, but I would have bought the Canon t5 if I had done more research beforehand (I bought my camera when I was about 15 years old). I edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro, or iMovie if I'm in a hurry. I would also like to stress that your tools don't matter nearly as much as your drive, motivation, and passion.

You guessed it -- I also do art commissions! Patrons who pledge $10+/mo get personal monthly drawings when requested, but if you're just looking for a one-time thing, I do that as well! Lately, I've been doing a lot of social media icon commissions, banners, and music cover art, but I can also do site mockups, logos, and other fun stuff. Check out my commission page for more information.