hi! looks like my website is broken on your browser. if it's not too much trouble, would you mind emailing me some information so i can fix it? [email protected] please send the problem, your computer type, browser, and other stuff that might be an issue :) <3

multi-media project, cit-web/cs student, caffeine addict

drinking coffee email me!

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name: maryn
alias: telepathics
birthday: may 6 (i'm 21!)
location: southern utah
studies: CIT-Web/CS
relationship: i love @kidswaste

i have a sugar addiction & ur sweet. multi-media project: web dev and also music or something. thanks for checking out my website. let's be friends!


web developer, amature programmer, infosec enthusiast

im on my laptop all the time

For a complete list of relevant classes i've taken, feel free to check out my resume site!

CIT: basic networking, server administration, unix/linux/commandline
WEB DEV: html/css, javascript, python, mysql, php
WEB DES: photoshop, illustrator, indesign, typography
Comp Sci: python, OOP, c++, algs/data structures

i'm 21 years old and just finished up my bachelor's degree in computer information technology, with an emphasis in web design & development, and a minor in computer science!

digital doodler, designer, content creator and hobbyist


i don't necessarily consider myself to be a creative person, but i love to create.